We have extensive experience working Government departments around the world to help design and develop technology solutions. We also offer cloud-based solutions such as tender software, e-petitions, e-Parliament, e-voting, cabinet papers and facilitating hearings.

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Secure Software

COVID has shown us just how important remote accessibility can be, and this goes for government services too. Regardless of the situation, it doesn’t always make sense to physically travel to a building to engage in policy and procedure.

This is why for the last 15 years, we’ve been working on providing secure and reliable software solutions to Government, to enable greater flexibility when it comes to voting, sitting, collaborating with and distributing content.

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Our e-Parliament online remote governance solution delivers a modern parliamentary experience. Government departments have long-chosen our portals because they’re convenient and easy to customise.

Any Device

To ensure maximum convenience for users, our portal is securely accessible from all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. Wherever they are, staff and Members can simply and quickly access parliamentary data and systems using end to end encryption.



It’s not always practical to be present in person: the portal allows users to run divisions (e-voting), remote committees, hearings and sittings, and its functions can be managed both internally and externally. It can even help with automatically transcribing transcripts ahead of an initial draft distribution.



Your data is completely secure. We never have access to your log-in information, and you also have the option to host your own data. However, if you would prefer to hand over data management to a safe pair of hands, we offer hosting services backed by our ISO 27001:2013 certification, IRAP certifications and customer controlled encryption keys.



We know that no two parliaments are the same. That’s why we offer the option of customising each page of your portal, to ensure that it fits your workflow, terminology, language and needs. Perhaps you just need a single module, such as e-voting, Hansard or petitions; whatever you choose, we ensure integration and data flow between the different modules on your portal and your public website presence.



To facilitate meetings and engagement, we can integrate modules with Microsoft 365 or Teams, and can also connect to Power Automate and Power BI for reporting purposes.


We have a wide range of modules to suit all needs, and each can be adapted and modified to fit your organisation.

  • e-Voting
  • e-Submissions
  • Sitting Calendar
  • Members
  • Bills
  • Committees
  • Inquiries and Submission Management
  • Tabled Papers
  • House Papers
  • Precedence
  • Public API Management
  • e-Petitions
  • Hansard (Transcription)
  • Document Assembly and Automation
  • Meeting/Parliament Bot for Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced Search
  • Records Compliance Management
  • Votes and Minutes
  • Cross Agency Collaboration
  • Question Management (Questions on Notices, Without Notice)
  • Standing Order/Sessional Order Management
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Capturing key decisions from sessions and meetings in a safe and secure way is vital. e-Voting enables users to cast their votes, safe in the knowledge their decision can’t be tampered with at a later date. Reports can be generated after the vote as needed, and all e-Voting can be integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Voting settings include options to:

  • Set a timer to ensure votes are collected within a given duration
  • Enable member to vote pending division
  • Enable member delegate voting
  • Enable member voting via Microsoft Teams
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Whether it’s your constituents or customers, everyone should have the chance to be heard. Our e-Petition system facilitates that, by allowing staff, public and other relevant stakeholders to request specific actions. The configurable workflow allows users to track the number of signatures on each petition, modify parameters, and change requirements for submission.

We can also generate reports to summarise the findings of each e-petition.

To reach as many of your target audiences as possible, we can assist with creating a company-specific branded application which can sit on the Apple App store or Google Play store.

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After years of paper-based operations, it was time for The Parliament of New South Wales to digitise. They approached us to find a solution. Two things were needed: to digitise processes, and to achieve data integrity. The result?

“We’ve now moved into the new century!”
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Parliament of New South Wales

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Download the brochure for an overview of our solutions for Government. Register your interest or book an appointment here.


Review the available modules here. Consider your key aims: we recommend you start small with just one or two modules, before leading to full integration.



We’ll configure a trial that matches your specifications and invite you to workshops where you can see your chosen portal in action.



Then, it’s up to you to decide whether our personalised product will suit your organisational objectives before we roll it out.


We can help you transition to the cloud, securely. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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