NovaWorks is one of Australia’s foremost cloud technology service providers. Our world-renowned specialist knowledge and experience sees us transform clients from the traditional on-premises operation to full cloud first, remote first, businesses.

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The cloud environment is ever-changing, with the new services, SaaS offerings, costing models and options available daily. We’re here to help you navigate this changing landscape and – get the most out of your investment, by helping you optimise costs and advising on the right cloud services for your business.

We provide a proactive and holistic approach to the cloud by working with you to understand the value proposition, new challenges and security footprints that are required for any cloud-based solution.

We also test the waters, so you don’t have to. NovaWorks uses and validates the technologies we recommend, so you can trust we’ll deliver the most innovative solutions and best service-centric offerings available in the market today.

And, more importantly, our customers are our priority. We ensure that each cloud service that you use is designed and managed to protect the your reputation and financial stability of your business.

With staff right across the country, we can service your needs.

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We understand that you make complex and significant investment decisions with real impacts on your business. That’s why we always take the time to understand your situation, and ensure that your team understand all options available to make informed decisions.

Our expertise comes from decades of collective experience working with various technology vendors and specialist solution providers, often applied directly to our own business.

We won’t recommend something that won’t fit your business needs. By being technology agnostic, we are not focussed on specific technologies, we have worked with a range of providers from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Oracle and Salesforce to meet the business need. The technology is the tool not our business driver.

We like to believe that by being approachable, acting with integrity and independence and having honest conversations with our clients and customers, we remain well-placed to always add value and respond quickly to your needs.

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Jonathan Ruckert

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Ruckert is an accomplished cloud-strategist with over 20-years’ experience advising customers on technology trends and architecting cloud-based solutions.

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Nico VanHaaster

Head of Architecture and Innovation

Nico is our resident technical guru and master of all ideas. If you have a question about the cloud or technology in general, he is the go-to person.

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Ben Thies

Head of Parliamentary Solutions

Ben has over 20 years’ experience as a Solution Delivery Manager and is always focussed on successful delivery outcomes for our customers.

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in the

We believe in cultivating the local culture by giving back in ways that we see fit. We adhere to our company values and look to empower the lives of people around us.


Goodwood Baseball ClubWe are the Junior League Major Sponsor for the family-friendly Goodwood Baseball Club. Our support includes funding new development around the community grounds such as upgraded lighting along with making sure that the cost of entry for new junior players is as low as possible. This also includes ensuring that all bats are up to league standard and providing a new helmet for each junior player once they graduate from the Little League program. The club was founded in 1899 and we are proud to be a part of such rich tradition.


WaterAid AustraliaOur contributions to WaterAid Australia have helped to support programs in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, as well as helping contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation across 3rd world countries.