Moving to the cloud can help lower your costs and increase agility. But you need a clear cloud migration strategy to deliver the best results for your organisation. Whether you are running on premises operations or are a cloud-first organisation, we have developed a unique framework which puts the cloud at the core of your business – and do so with cloud migration security best practices at all times.

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Our solutions are designed to deliver tangible value for businesses by offering full-scale cloud services that meet the requirements of your workplace. We plan against achievable short-term outcomes while keeping long-term end goals in mind, and we ensure that your cloud migration strategy is aligned with your business objectives at every step of the process.

Our experts will assist with your cloud migration strategy, to reduce the complexity of your cloud migrations and ensure a secure foundation for your business to build on – by setting your business up for future growth. We will also help you achieve optimal results while focused on cloud migration security best practices, to protect your environment during and after the migration.

NovaWorks has over a decade of experience assisting with private and public cloud transformations. We have a tried-and-tested cloud migration strategy methodology that breaks down each of the cloud implementation phases into manageable work pieces.

Our expert team is made up of certified cloud architects, engineers and support personnel who are on-hand to provide planning, execution, cloud migration security and support at each step of your cloud implementation journey.


We offer the full spectrum of cloud strategy and consulting services – to fully align the cloud to the way your business functions. To facilitate your cloud migration strategy, our experts can help build a business case to present to stakeholders, determine impacts from global disruptions like COVID-19, and provide technology forecasts with expert analysis on potential impacts for your business.

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Managing your own IT and data infrastructure can be complex, expensive, difficult to secure, hard to scale, inflexible and slow to respond to changes in demand. Moving to the public cloud will allow you to:

Simplify infrastructure and data management
Reduce ongoing costs
Increase security
Increase scalability
Create new revenue streams
Innovate your business capabilities
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It can be an overwhelming proposition to look at migrating your services to the cloud, however we can help you build a cloud migration strategy that delivers maximal productivity while maintaining cloud migration security best practices at all times. Our team have extensive experience in planning, designing and architecting cloud migrations in order to offer you the best approach. Common implementations like lift-and-shift won’t always work, which is why we will work with your business and its stakeholders to understand the best option for a successful migration.


Assess your situation: we talk to your stakeholders and identify and evaluate the apps that would be best suited to your organisation.

Migrate: we work with you to build a migration strategy that causes the least disruption to your business and maintains cloud migration security best practices. We then implement the migration, working with any relevant 3rd party providers and tools as required.

Optimise: once migrated, we then monitor your cloud services to ensure they are secure, your costs are optimised and that you’re getting the most value from your investment.

Support: we support you with a certified 24/7 help, eliminating the need for your IT teams to be firefighting.

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