You can rely on NovaWorks for the leading data analytics consulting services. Our highly experienced and certified data analytics consultants can help get a handle on your data and help you extract maximum value and insights.

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While many companies have vast amounts of data, very few are fully utilising their data assets to drive real business value. This is where data analytics consulting services can be invaluable, in identifying ways to turn that deep pool of data into a resource that benefits the entire organisation.

If your company data is in a range of formats and sources, we can work with you to build a single source of truth and to understand how you can leverage the data to make smarter business decisions in real time rather than retrospectively.

Our data analytics consulting services approach focusses on combining data silos, focusing on high value tasks, delivery of real-time insights and development of predictive capabilities.

We can also provide you with powerful analysis and visualisation of large data sets across a range of business scenarios, turning your data into real business insight.

Our expert team have proven experience with a wide range of organisations across industries including;

  • Historical analysis of data dating back to 1850, including development of custom handwritten recognition models along with machine learning
  • Real time dashboards for project management
  • Financial analysis for grants across hundreds of organisations
  • Financial dashboard reporting for the Australian Federal Budget
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We understand that machine learning and artificial intelligence is an extension of human capabilities – and its potential is growing every day. As part of our data analytics consulting services, our advanced team will recommend the right machine learning and AI strategies based on your business goals. We have found that a hybrid model of both human experts and machines working together is able to provide powerful outcomes.

Delivery at scale
Advanced automation
Reduction in human error
Faster decision-making
24/7 availability
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NovaWorks’ data analytics consulting services provided the foundation for faster, more transparent decision making

The Australia Council for the Arts is responsible for allocating millions of dollars in Federal Government Grants to individual applicants each year, requiring extremely accurate real-time processing and tracking capabilities.

Our team of experts developed a user-friendly solution using Microsoft Teams which allows applicants to easily collaborate and submit financial details. On the back end, the solution enabled the Council to access better reporting and dashboards

of the grants process, providing the foundation for faster, more transparent decision-making.

As a result of the implementation, The Council found themselves with a host of operational benefits, including:

  • improved usability
  • reduced risk
  • elimination of double handling of data
  • better visibility

new south wales

After years of paper-based operations, it was time for The Parliament of New South Wales to digitise. They approached us to find a solution. Two things were needed: to digitise processes, and to achieve data integrity. The result?

“We’ve now moved into the new century!”
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Parliament of New South Wales

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We can help you transition to the cloud, securely and, through our data analytics consulting services, turn your organisation’s data into its greatest asset. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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