We are the trusted cyber security consultant for companies at all stages of their cloud journey, whether you’re just starting out, or running a cloud-first business. We offer a proactive and holistic approach to cyber security consulting services, Governance and Security, Change Management and Cloud Architecture.

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In a world of changing data privacy and protection laws, we understand the importance of cybersecurity management and risk oversight. To deliver digital security, our cyber security consulting services leverage trusted methodologies set in place to ensure minimisation of breaches, leading to overall protection of your organisation’s data and adherence to industry regulation.

We also use these frameworks and policies internally to ensure that we have a high level of compliance, security and auditability internally when dealing with customer data. You can be certain that each NovaWorks cyber security consultant is intimately familiar with the solutions that we provide our customers.

Understanding Governance, Security & Policy

International Standards

Each cyber security consultant has a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and adhere to Information Security Standards (IS027001:2013). We work side-by-side with our clients to identify risks and potential compromises through our cyber security consulting services. This means we can tailor to your specific business requirements in a single-serve policy.

Automated Policy

Your NovaWorks cyber security consultant will build your policy with frameworks which automate the policy roll-out based on your business requirements. This is not just advice, our experts will get hands-on with roll-out, and in a way that minimises impact to business but deliver the right outcomes.


Ongoing Maintenance

Through our cyber security consulting services, we deliver ongoing maintenance in a way that feeds back to the policy. This includes tracking, fixing, patching of incidents and configuration monitoring, as well as posture reporting for adverse events. To ensure your organisation remains consistently up to date, lifecycle deployment is included so that new features will be added as they become available.

Talk to a cyber security consultant about how we can help you set up the policies and practices to keep your business secure.



Organisations will probably encounter a cyber incident at some point whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Our cyber security consulting services are focused on proactive governance and security in order to eliminate many common security mistakes:

Lack of preparation

Often, company staff can get caught up in the day-to-day and cyber security incidents aren’t tackled until they’re a high-risk threat. A lack of planning means that key forensic information can be destroyed in the rush to conquer the issue. Our cyber security consulting services involve regular governance audits and security incident planning so that we can help your organisation identify and understand threats before and as they occur.

Reactive approach to issues

Each cyber security consultant at NovaWorks values a proactive approach over a reactive one. This means setting up alerting, monitoring and alignment with key pillars that will strengthen your security posture, so that we are confident your organisation has the right tools and systems in place to put a hard stop to issues.

Lack of value

Any engagement with NovaWorks’ cyber security consulting services is flexible and accountable. We work with you to ensure that your purchased set of hours are met. And if not they are rolled over into subsequent months to be used as you require. This may be for incident management, coordination, configuration, guidance, training your internal staff depending on the needs of your organisation.

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It’s common to assume that because your IT systems are watertight, your organisation is protected against cyber threats. Our eBook explores other factors you need to consider, including the importance of policies to control access to data, industry regulations you need to be aware of, and how to get your employees on-board with security practices.

Make your business processes as secure as your IT systems. Let a NovaWorks cyber security consultant show you how.



We operate our cyber security consulting services in highly regulated industries like financial services, health care and classified Government scenarios.

Our cyber security consulting services are tailored to each client, depending on your needs and foster ongoing commitments with a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors. We will assist with a range of assessments and ongoing governance advice, reporting and configuration – whether this be in a greenfield deployment into the cloud, or an existing cloud scenario across multiple platforms (like Microsoft Azure (Public and Government), AWS).

The extensive cloud security experience that each NovaWorks cyber security consultant has will ensure your data is protected along with your organisation’s reputation.

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A secure baseline policy is just the beginning. Once you understand what your fundamental security posture is for each workload in your cloud environment, your NovaWorks cyber security consultant can set up an automated baseline policy that is configured to optimise performance, cost and secure each service.

Our cyber security consulting services around policy will reduce the risk of misconfigured services and security issues, as well as mistakes like not accounting for data transfer costs across regions.

Sample questions to determine your optimum policy can include the following:

  • Can we take advantage of hybrid benefits to reduce cover overrun?
  • Can we ensure no public IP addresses are enabled?
  • Can we ensure that services are deployed to authorised data centres to protect data sovereignty and reduce latency?
  • Have we enforced role-based authentication for the service?
  • Have we configured logging for the service?
  • Have we configured backup and retention for the service?
  • Have we whitelisted authorised services?
  • Get in touch to discuss how we can help you optimise your policies to keep your data and IT systems safe.
Get in touch to discuss how we can help you optimise your policies to keep your data and IT systems safe.


Your NovaWorks cyber security consultant will help you to understand and navigate a period of change. We offer expert consulting advice that is specific to your business and your business problems. We will ensure that new processes or policies won’t interfere with the way your business operates.

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We know the benefits of cloud computing and can help you understand the value it can deliver to your business. As part of our cyber security consulting services we offer full-service cloud strategy and consulting which serves to create business cases for your stakeholders and to understand at depth the pros and cons of each cloud provider.

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