Beyond moving to the cloud, we can help you drive ongoing business value by leveraging new cloud capabilities and optimising existing ones.

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Our job doesn’t stop once your services are in the cloud. We understand how important it is to keep on top of your cloud services, to ensure they’re running to optimum cost and efficiency by performing regular ‘health checks’. We’ll also work hard to ensure your needs are being met by the services in place, recommending new services when necessary and helping your business evolve to get the most value from the services the cloud provides.

We can optimise your cloud experience by:

Optimising cost

  • Reviewing your monthly bill and service configuration to avoid ‘bill shock’
  • Reviewing the need for each service
  • Reviewing other SaaS products to understand if consolidation is necessary or possible

Maximising investment

  • Reviewing the configuration for new settings and additional functionality
  • Reviewing the connectivity between environments and cloud providers
  • Ensuring you get the most value possible out of your investment

Exploring new opportunity

  • Migrating to better or more efficient services
  • Keeping up to date with new services that may better serve your business

Managing and securing your infrastructure

  • Reviewing the impact of change to services initiated by the cloud provider
  • Reviewing role-based and user access to maximise security
  • Reviewing the security footprint and ensuring best practice for your cloud environment

Migration Story:

Telstra Super is a leading profit-to-members super fund, and they knew their data security was vital. That’s why they enlisted our help: in response we created a policy framework for running a secure cloud infrastructure and conducted a cost optimisation, keeping their business safe and saving them money at the same time.

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